Anthurium (2pcs)

Send 2Pcs of A lively indoor plant from Garden Ville, with vibrant red flowers that can brighten up ..


Azalea Plant (3Pcs)

Send 3 pcs the June blooming beauty of a flowering azalea for the freshest gift you'll ever send! It..


Bromeliad Plant

The rainbow-colored leaves of bromeliads make this stunning dish garden an exceptional and exotic gi..


Phalaenopsis Orchid

The breathtaking beauty of this classic orchid is always impressive, always welcome, making it the p..


Pink Poinsettia Plant

This pink holiday Poinsettia plant is a perfect selection to go the distance. Imagine how easy it ca..


Red Poinsettia Plant

This traditional red holiday Poinsettia plant is a perfect selection to go the distance. Imagine how..


Alocasia amazonica Indoor Plant

A. x amazonica is a robust evergreen rhizomatous perennial to 1.5m tall, with narrowly arrow-shaped,..


Pachira aquatica

Assembled sizeDiameter of plant pot: 10 " (25.5 cm) Height of plant: 39 " (100 cm) Package..


Areca Palm Indoor Plant

 Other common namesbamboo palm           ..


Croton Basket Garden

How to delight their eyes and touch their hearts: Surprise them with the vibrant Croton Basket Garde..


Lemon Lime Indoor Plant

  Other common names dragon plant 'Lemon Lime' ..


Marginata Indoor Plants

Other common names Madagascar dragon tree    ..


Massangeana Indoor plant

 Details 'Massangeana' is an erect, sparsely branched evergr..


Rubber tree Indoor Plants

 Other common names India rubber tree rubber plant ..


Schefflera Gold Indoor Plant

  Other common names umbrella tree 'Gold Capella' ..


Snake Plant Indoor Plant

  Other common names variegated snake plant  ..